About Frando

Hi! We are Frando.

Frando Brake System a subsidiary under“Che Liwu CO., LTD” .

We established in New Taipei City, Taiwan.
Our staff, a team of motorsport enthusiasts, we hold two of the most important values of our brand, Aesthetics and Performance by shattering a traditional market with a brand-new purpose.

To surpass expectations, Frando’s goal is to ultimately deliver into the hands of our costumers leading products and designs in contemplation of high-quality braking systems. Making each individual experience memorable.



Aesthetics and Performance being one of the main purposes that Frando focuses on.

We seek to satisfy the needs of every single rider. From daily commuting on weekdays to running track days on weekends, at the end of the day our purpose is to ensure we meet the satisfactions and safety of everyone that puts their trust on Frando.


Frando has and will continue providing the outstanding performance in brakes for worldwide riders.

By doing so , Frando has created a whole new department focusing completely on Racing. Putting our products to the most demanding working condition, we can guarantee our braking parts can withstand the heaviest load and perform at the harshest track/road condition.